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Our International Business Expertise

  • International 'Product to Market' Business Development. 

  • Assessing Successful 'Route to Market' Options

  • Implementing and Managing 'Local Added Value' Partnerships 

  • Utilising TeeJay's existing relationships to introduce new 'Products to Market' (where applicable)

  • Building new sustainable and profitable International Business Relationships

  • Utilising Teejay's network to bundle trading solutions in complex markets

We have significant expertise and existing relationships in the Middle East, North & West African and South American markets mainly in the Oil & Gas, Industrial, Power, and Mining sectors.


Our 'Get Fit for Export' Organisational Transformation Program 

  • Identifying and Assessing Organisational Issues around your Export Performance

  • Implementing Effective Organisational Change Programs

  • Facilitating the Transformation Program

  • Building Employee Engagemen t towards Export Success

  • Delivering a 'guaranteed' improvement in your export performance

Based in Rugby, Warwickshire, UK

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