Tim Eastwood C-Dir. FIoD MIEx. - Portfolio Examples 

Non-Executive Roles

Non-Exec. Corporate Entity in the Baltics

  • Implemented necessary processes and procedures to ensure compliance with parent company and local standards, trained local staff in the application of the processes

Committee Member. Chartered Institute of Directors

  • Provided a unique industrial perspective to the institute committee during a key phase in the development of a new direction for the Institute


Non-Exec. Corporate JV in the MEA

  • Appointed to the JV Board to ensure the rigorous compliance with parent company operational and reporting processes and procedures in a highly immature international business environment


Co-Chair. Nuclear Power Services Suppliers Committee ​

  • Appointed to represent key provider of services on a nuclear power services suppliers committee. Facilitated significant cost and time reduction programme across 8 independent service suppliers


Co-Opted School Governor

  • Co-opted to a Federated School Board, to focus on the successful integration of two recently federated schools.

Project Roles

Integration Activities

  • Leadership across North Europe of a major integration programme of two multinational power service businesses, key focus on demonstrating strong synergies and high stakeholder engagement


  • Led the business aspect of two major restructuring campaigns, key focus to demonstrate no negative customer impact during significant and disruptive programmes

Business Start-Ups

  • Led a number of international business start-ups in the utility and mining sectors, focus on establishing sustainable new businesses with the further potential for growth


Market Analysis

  • Developed a scenario planning approach to facilitate the interpretation of multiple varied and conflicting market views, key focus on a wider management engagement in the programme

Strategy Reviews

  • Facilitated an annual strategic review process, initially challenging the Vision of each business unit through to the successful implementation of tactical actions, key focus on employee and management engagement in the process